Kyrgyz Language / Кыргыз тили / Кыргызский язык

“Learn the Kyrgyz Language: Connecting with People and Culture” textbook is the first general-audience book that teaches the Kyrgyz language to English-speakers.  It will be invaluable for tourists and students, as well as commercial and academic visitors to Kyrgyzstan.  It has 334 full-color pages but has a very affordable price.

The cover of the book
It is the cover page of the book

“Learn the Kyrgyz Language: Connecting with People and Culture ” helps student groups, or self-study individuals, to quickly speak correct contemporary Kyrgyz.  It includes all the vocabulty, grammar, and expressions needed for productive conversation, reading, and writing.  It assumes no knoledge of Kyrgyz, but is advanced enough to benefit anyone who has already learned basic Kyrgyz.

However, this is much more than a simple instructional text.  The book consists of 13 unites, each of which is comprised of 3 lessons.  Its examples and exercises mix language training with cultural, historical, and social information.  For example, special sections explain courtesy, family structure and terms, and geography.  The color coded system is used for each pronoun ending in grammar explanations for easy learning and usage.

Readers will soon communicate with Kyrgyz who do not speak English, and will gain the respect of those who do.

Special features include:

  • Full-color pages with illustrations of situations covered in the text
  • A convenient pocket phrasebook with important expressions
  • A range of examples: conversation, text, and song
  • Reference word lists in English-Kyrgyz and Kyrgyz-English
  • A CD of all exercises, recorded by native Kyrgyz speakers
  • Easy-open binding
  • Many full-color photographs of everyday Kyrgyzstan, its people, and culture

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