You meet everyone and find everything…

How nice to be back at Ata-Turk International Airport.  Here you find everything and everyone you want. There are people all kinds of: beautiful, old, blond, black, Asian, black, and most importantly – HOT… you name it and you’ll find it here. Some people are wondering around in every shops, bookstores and gift boutiques trying to find something that can be presentable to their friends and families, some of them are just waiting near their gates ready to be boarded with their bags.  Some of them are taking pictures if it is their first or last time in the airport, some of them are eating according to their choice – McDonalds, Pizza, Star Bucks and other cantines.   Some people are working hard on their computers, showing the impression if they are the only people who are saving the world.  Look at that girl – well ironed white shirt, hair is cut on the neck, and her hands are on the computer, typing something very important, and her eyes are back and forth to the computer and paper on the table.  This girl seems very typical girl in the office, but not as an office manager – something like supervisor or managerial position, giving the impression that she is the only one who can make an important decision!   Some people are just chilling out, sitting in nice restaurants, drinking and chatting with one another.   You can find every well brand shops here, Gugccee, Armani, Atasy – oh well, I can’t name all of it…  You don’t even have to go to a city to buy a specific fashion design, all you need here is just MONEY to buy.   You wanna a best seller newest published book?  Well, you can find it here in the bookstore.  Some people are running around with their handcarry bags, trying to find their departure gates, asking every airport personnel, showing their boarding pass and asking where are their gates.   Here Turkish guys impress the travelers.  They are working on the stores, trying to get attention of customers, trying to figure out where the customer came from, speaking in the language of a customer by guessing in the first look.  And they are doing really good job on guessing. If someone who looks like Asia, they speak “Konichiwa, Konbowa – are you fromJapan?” if you say “No”, they will continue to speak other Asian languages, and try to guess “Korea?Philippines?”

            Have you ever been inIndia? No?  Well, you can consider yourself that you’ve been inIndia, seeing and observing the families fromIndia. Look at their dress!  How well made and well decorated their clothes are.  It might be the family man – a man with red had, a cloth rolled on his head.

            If you have a connection flight for your next destination, you will not be bored atInternationalAta-TurkAirport.  Internet, bookstores, restaurants and other facilities will enterain you enough, and you won’t even notice how your 3-4 hour delay ran out.

Bakytbek Tokubek uulu,  Istanbul

September 11, 2011


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